Italy-France Cooperation 2023-2024

(To Army Majority State)

An international exchange of attending officers between the Italian Army and the French Army (Armée de Terre) has been concluded. This consolidated initiative, part of the "Italy - France Cooperation Plan 2023" and the European program Erasmus for the mobility of university students, saw the participation of three second lieutenants of the 202nd "Honor" course from the Infantry and Transmissions arms.

Since last September, the young officers have attended theÉcole Spéciale Millitaire de Saint-Cyr in France and continuing their university studies in English and French. From the point of view of military training, they actively participated in two important trainings which included theoretical lessons Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and range sessions with the HK416, the weapon supplied to the Armée de Terre.

They also took part in three days of continuous activity focused on combat training in attack and defense operations in urban centres.

At the same time, three young French second lieutenants completed their commitment at the Army Training Institute of Turin, collaborating on the research and preparation of their degree theses in synergy with the Interdepartmental University School in Strategic Sciences of the University of Turin and with the Polytechnic.