Completed the "Centauro 12/2023" exercise

(To Army Majority State)

It took place at the tactical training center (CAT) of Lecce, the "Centauro 12/2023" exercise, with the aim of testing the capabilities acquired by the minor complexes of the 62nd "Sicilia" infantry regiment as a premise for use in the "Enhanced Vigilance Activities" (EVA) operation Hungary.

The activity was planned, organized and conducted to verify and consolidate the procedures for planning and issuing orders of commanders at various levels in the context of offensive, defensive and enabling tactical activities.

The exercise, which saw the use of troops on the ground by opposing parties, was characterized by maximum realism thanks to the use of the simulation materials supplied to the CAT and units of the "Cavalleggeri di Lodi (15th)" regiment in the role of opposition forces (OPFOR).