Change at the top of the Army Aviation

(To Army Majority State)

The changeover ceremony in command of the Army Aviation (AVES) between Major General Andrea Di Stasio and Major General Salvatore Annigliato took place today in the "Chelotti" barracks. The event was chaired by Army Corps General Salvatore Cuoci, deputy commander of the command Terrestrial Operations of the Army and commander of the operational area.​

Civil, religious, military and industrial authorities were also present. Di Stasio, at the end of his approximately two and a half years of command, thanked the Chief of Staff of the Army for the trust granted and all the military and civilian personnel of the AVES for their passion, professionalism and commitment. .​

“We trained and operated day and night with technologically advanced means. We have always looked to the future while remaining firmly anchored to our values" - “Values ​​that we inherited from our Fathers, which are part of our culture. Thanks to the passion of young people and their curiosity we have developed important projects, preparing ourselves for the most demanding challenges. Together we have brought to memory the history of Army Aviation and honored our fallen and our heroes" – so General Di Stasio.​

The general d. Di Stasio will take on the role of commander of the Officers' School of the Army in Viterbo, Gen. d. Annigliato comes from the Army General Staff where he held the position of head of the IV department.