Change at the top of the "Garibaldi"

(To Army Majority State)

Yesterday, in the presence of the commander of the Southern Operational Forces, general of the army corps Giuseppenicola Tota, the alternation ceremony in the command of the "Garibaldi" brigade between Brigadier General Massimiliano Quarto, transferor, and Brigadier General Mario Ciorra, taking over.

The highest civil, military and religious authorities of Caserta and its province took part in the event as well as the flags and banners of the dependent departments of the "Garibaldi" brigade.

General Quarto leaves the command of the prestigious Army unit after 21 months of training and operational activity. The brigade, under his leadership, was employed on the national territory providing its support to the Police Forces in the context of the "Safe Roads" operation for the security of the territory, the fight against organized crime and the prevention of environmental crimes and last but not least, the management of the emergency phase of the fight against Covid 19 through the vaccination center set up at the “Ferrari Orsi” barracks.

General Quarto, in the course of his speech, stated: “Today I am leaving the delicate, exciting and engaging position of commander which, at various levels, represents the essence of being a soldier. Looking at the recent past, more than a year of commitment, in a very delicate historical moment for the nation, but also full of satisfaction, which I could clearly see today in the eyes of my soldiers. It was a period of great sacrifices and all operational and training commitments were completed. A sincere thanks to the men and women of the brigade not only for what has been done in the daily institutional commitment but, above all, for having shown, in the most difficult moment of our country, to be soldiers who, when Italy calls, leave their own families to fulfill their duty. This is the essence of our work and it is what the men and women of Garibaldi did during the most difficult moments of the emergency, without "ifs" and "buts", in the way that distinguishes the Bersaglieri body. Lastly, I want to thank my commanders and in particular my family who have always accompanied me and allowed me to be here today in this capacity. "

General Ciorra, coming from the Army staff, in his introductory speech, declared himself "proud" of the privilege of assuming command of the bersaglieri brigade Garibaldi, a reality that has become a decisive component of the social fabric of “Terra di Lavoro”, aware of the extreme delicacy of the task entrusted to it, but animated by great enthusiasm to continue to respond with enthusiasm to future challenges and provide the maximum contribution to Caserta society.

General Quarto will go on to hold a post at the Defense Staff in Rome.