Change in the military command of the capital

(To Army Majority State)

This morning, at Palazzo Slataper, in the presence of the Army Chief of Staff, Army Corps General Pietro Serino, the rotation ceremony between Army Corps General Rosario Castellano and his peer Salvatore Camporeale took place .
Present at the ceremony was Lieutenant Colonel Gianfranco Paglia, Gold Medal for Military Valor.

In his speech, the Army Chief of Staff emotionally thanked General Castellano, a man, colleague and friend, for having always worked with empathy in 44 years of service. He also addressed his greetings to the women and men of the military command of the capital for the continuity of institutional, operational and logistic services, testimony of the constant presence guaranteed in every situation.

In his farewell speech, General Castellano remembered the fallen and thanked the women and men of the command and of the dependent bodies for the professionalism and commitment shown first in the midst of the pandemic emergency, then in a period characterized by event organization activities national such as: the Centenary of the Unknown Soldier relived through the Memory Train, on 4 November and the resumption of the magazine on 2 June, starting from 2021, after the 150th anniversary of the IGM for which conventions, conferences were organized at universities, military structures and geographical partnerships, consolidating the relationship with the city of Florence and the Tuscany Region, testified by the honors of the Fiorino and the Pegaso d'oro. Operations "Aquila Omnia" and "Aquila Omnia 1" saw the military command at the forefront engaged in transport planning and assistance to Afghan personnel arriving in Italy. He wished his successor a successful term in command.

General Camporeale said he was proud to assume the leadership of the military command of the capital in this delicate phase of resource optimization and rationalization of the organizational and organizational structure.