Change in command of the "Sassari" brigade

(To Army Majority State)

General Giuseppe Bossa handed over command of the “Sassari” brigade to General Stefano Messina.

The turnover ceremony, presided over by the commander of the South Operating Forces, general of the army corps Giovanni Maria Iannucci, took place this morning in the "Gonzaga" barracks in Sassari, in the presence of numerous local authorities and representatives of the combat and military associations.

Deployed for the occasion, in addition to the War Flag of the 152nd "Sassari" Infantry Regiment, the banner of the cities of Cagliari, decorated with the Gold Medal for Military Valor, of Tempio Pausania, decorated with the Silver Medal for Civil Valor , of the metropolitan city of Cagliari and Sassari, of the province of Sassari and of the municipalities of Nuoro, Macomer and Sinnai.

In his speech, General Bossa retraced the main stages of the two years spent at the helm of the brigade, which included the reclamation of war remnants, the activities in collaboration with the police forces as part of the "Safe Roads" operation , as well as the multi-weapon and multi-function exercises conducted to maintain the operational readiness of its regiments, the "Noble Jump 2023" exercise and the use of the "Sassari" as part of the "Orice" operation.

General Iannucci, during his speech, addressed words of appreciation towards General Bossa and the "Dimonios", underlining the many activities carried out and the links existing between the brigade and Sardinia.