Clearance of war ordnance in Battipaglia

(To Army Majority State)

The work of the bomb squad of the Italian Army has been completed for the clearance of a World War II aircraft bomb weighing 500 pounds, containing an explosive charge of TNT equal to approximately 144,5 pounds (65,6 kilograms) .

The specialists of the 21st sapper engineering regiment, a unit of the "Garibaldi" sharpshooter brigade, worked in close coordination with the prefecture of Salerno and the local authorities, adopting all the safety procedures aimed at neutralizing the war remnants found near via Carmine Turco.

The intervention was completed on the discovery site in 4 main phases which saw the cutting of the body of the bomb to access the explosive inside, the dissolution of the TNT charge, the destruction of the explosive by pyric means, the destruction of the fuze on site.

In order to increase safety measures, preliminary earthmoving works were carried out with the use of special materials, vehicles and equipment from the Army engineers, for the construction of a containment structure, which made it possible to reduce the radius initial clearance from 1.282 to 352 metres, reducing the number of citizens evacuated to around 3.500.

The occasional clearance interventions of war ordnance found on the national territory are direct testimony to the Army's action to safeguard public safety and the safety of citizens.