Army non-commissioned officer rotation

(To Army Majority State)

The rotation ceremony of the Army took place this morning at the Shrine of Palazzo Impero in Rome, in the presence of the Army Chief of Staff, General of the Army Corps Pietro Serino. Army corps non-commissioned officer. The first lieutenant Antonino Pellegrino was replaced by the peer Michele Romano.

To give solemnity to the event, the Army's deputy chief of staff, general of the army Gaetano Zauner, the commanders of the high commands/top commands and their respective corps non-commissioned officers were present.​

First Lieutenant Antonino Pellegrino said in his speech “I had the honor of being the first non-commissioned officer to be able to hold the current position of non-commissioned officer in the Army, which immediately proved to be challenging to the point of exposing my abilities and which forced me to measure myself daily with what I didn't know". And then he added "today's non-commissioned officers, who are the evolution of the same "boys" of many years ago, are fortunate to have at their disposal the technology and experiences of their predecessors, who with their sacrifices have ensured that today the path of training and career development dedicated to them has significantly improved".

General Pietro Serino, in his greeting speech, congratulated first lieutenant Antonino Pellegrino for the excellent work done, stating that “Today's Army is a professional and highly technological army, employed in complex operations that require ever greater commitment. Having strong points of reference in terms of technical and, above all, moral professionalism is a necessity for men and women in uniform. This is the task of corps non-commissioned officers, increasingly important figures in our Army".

The first lieutenant Michele Romano who comes from the tactical information brigade. In his inauguration speech he said: “I will try to best interpret my institutional role by acting with grit, determination and humility, in the firm belief that the solution to a problem is easier to find if you look at it from different perspectives. I will act with loyalty, transparency and attachment to duty towards the institutions, in the full awareness that the Example remains the main path to follow".