29 new public information and communication officers qualified

(To Army Majority State)

The 7th course for Public Information and Communication workers, organized and conducted by the Army General Staff, for 29 officers and non-commissioned officers from departments throughout Italy, ended in recent days.​

The course saw an initial "remote" phase which, in addition to enabling attendees to acquire the basic notions of the subject, at the same time allowed for an initial evaluation and selection of personnel through the drafting of some press releases and an interview test telephone and video.​

The students, at the end of the three weeks of face-to-face lessons, managed to consolidate the skills initially acquired during the "remote" phase and deepen, thanks to the practical interview simulation exercises conducted daily, their public speaking and communication skills. relations with the press.​

The educational offering was further enriched by the participation of important personalities from the Italian journalistic scene (Laura Bastianetto, Beppe De Marco, Arturo Di Corinto, Gianluca Di Feo, Gianluca Garro, Silvia Mari and Claudio Peri) who, together with the director's lectio magistralis of the Corriere della Sera, Dr. Luciano Fontana, wanted to tell their experience in the world of information and communication by providing valuable lessons useful for tackling their future role.​

Furthermore, the attendees visited the editorial office of the ANSA agency, the radio station RTL 102.5 and the television production center of RAI (Saxa Rubra) and Mediaset (Palatino).​