207th anniversary of the establishment of the Army Commissariat Corps

(To Army Majority State)

The celebration of the 207th anniversary of the establishment of the Army Commissary Corps took place in recent days in the presence of the central director of the budget and financial affairs of the defense and head of the Army Commissariat Corps, Lieutenant General Stefano Rega. .

The event, held at the School of Commissariat of the Army, a body that operates under the Army's logistics command through the commissariat command, in the presence of the local military and civil authorities it was dedicated to the memory of Lieutenant Mauro Magrone, decorated with the Silver Medal for Military Valor to whom a bronze bust was also named, inaugurated by Lieutenant General Rega last Wednesday in the barracks square.

In particular, the head of the corps, in his speech, highlighted how the example of lieutenant. Magrone must constantly permeate the spirit of service of all those who belong to the Army commissary corps.

Furthermore, as part of the celebrations, a historical-musical narration was held by Dr. Michele D'Andrea at the Auditorium of the province of Caserta in the presence of Army Corps General Mauro D'Ubaldi, logistics commander of the Army .

The event was attended by various city and provincial authorities including the president of the Campania regional council, Dr. Gennaro Oliviero, the mayor of Caserta, lawyer. Carlo Marino, and the prefect of Caserta Dr. Giuseppe Castaldo.

In particular, the logistics commander addressed a greeting to the participants, highlighting that, thanks to over two centuries of history, the police force, yesterday as today, has always been able to adapt to changing and complex scenarios, guaranteeing, with unchanged and constant impetus , logistical and administrative support to the Armed Forces.​