1st Army Aircraft Explorer Course

(To Army Majority State)

The personnel of the 66th Airmobile Infantry Regiment "Trieste" concluded the 1st aircraft scout course which allowed them to acquire the basic and advanced skills to operate in all operational contexts and to ensure information support to the higher-level commands.​​​

The course, lasting 8 weeks, is divided into 4 modules: topography, patrols, aeromobility (with the achievement of the FRIES qualification Fast Rope Insertion and Extraction System at the 1st Antares regiment) and final exercise.​​​

The training moments, structured according to an increasing progression of difficulty, have allowed the personnel to acquire the technical skills to operate isolated and in small nuclei, to reconnoitre itineraries and landing zones and report, via satellite communications, information to higher commands through the use of highly technological equipment.

The final exercise, conducted over three days in the Apennine area of ​​Cagli and Acqualagna (PU) with the support of the rotary wing assets of the 7th Army Aviation Regiment "Vega" of Rimini, allowed visitors to put into practice all the notions acquired during the course.