Vigna di Valle: change at the top of the Historical and Sports Center

(To air Force)

Thursday 26 May, at the Badoni hangar of Historical Museum of the Air Force of Vigna di Valle, the change of command of the CSSAM (Historical and Sports Center of the Air Force) of Vigna di Valle took place between the outgoing commander, Colonel Rosario D'Auria and the incoming one, Lieutenant Colonel Luigi Barbagallo. The event took place in the presence of the COMAER commander (Rome Air Force Command), Major General Sergio Antonio Scalese and the religious, civil and military authorities. 

In his final speech, Colonel D'Auria was keen to thank the superior authorities for the trust placed in him both for the post just concluded and for the one he will fill in the Air Force staff. Thanks also to the CSSAM staff for their commitment and the goals achieved in his period of command, from July 2020 to May 2022, a difficult period, marked by the pandemic, which however failed to stop the activities of the base, all projected towards the centenary of the Armed Force of 2023: "... moments of change also bring with them great opportunities. A challenge that I have taken up, since the first day of work here in Vigna di Valle and that I have always interpreted with enthusiasm and passion, in an attempt to make the most of the characteristics of the individual and of the group, guiding everyone towards the achievement of shared objectives. The way to follow to reach a goal is to act with conviction and firmness. A path that has allowed us to conceive, coordinate and start the MUSAM 2023 project of rationalization and enhancement of the Historical Museum of the Air Force; renovate and overhaul buildings and complexes of the airport command that needed interventions for a long time; implement innovative managerial practices to improve the work performance of staff; achieve important awards for our athletes engaged in the Olympics and in various world and European championships A team effort that has allowed us to"run" our portion of the relay in the most effective and efficient way ".

At the end of the farewell speech, a wish to the new commander for the demanding journey that awaits him and his staff towards the prestigious milestone of the centenary, with the reopening of the Historical Museum. 

For his part, Lieutenant Colonel Barbagallo, in his inauguration speech at the command of CSSAM in Vigna di Valle, as well as thanking his predecessor for the work carried out so far and for his wise advice, specified: "[...] It is with great emotion and immense pride that I am about to take on the role of commander of this historic airport. I accept with respect and sincere gratitude the witness from my predecessor, well aware of the responsibilities that I will have to face and of the and constant commitment that my role will require. The appointments that await us in the very short term, and I am referring in particular to the celebrations linked to the centenary of our Armed Force, in 2023, determine the absolute certainty that we are facing very significant challenges to the which we will not be able to escape, but which will rather be a reason for new opportunities, renewed enthusiasm and intense involvement [...]. " Then, addressing the CSSAM staff deployed for the ceremony: "I wish to carry out this new important task that has been entrusted to me, with humility, ready to listen to each one of you, to accept every useful suggestion, confident in your loyal and full collaboration, certain of the help of God and of the Blessed Virgin of Loreto, our Mother and Patroness. "

Finally, the commander of COMAER, General Scalese, after thanks to Colonel D'Auria for the work done, to the communities and local authorities for the constant and effective collaboration that has always linked them to the Arma Azzurra, wished a good job to lieutenant colonel Barbagallo who will be responsible for it "a challenging and extremely demanding task". Then, addressing the new commander: "I am sure that you will be able to face it and complete it brilliantly, thanks to your recognized qualities as an officer and to the excellent team made up of the airport staff, who you will be able to guide with a spirit of self-denial and unconditional commitment."

The culmination of the event, the reading ofAgenda which officially sanctioned the passing of the baton.

The ancient "Luigi Bourlot" seaplane base in Vigna di Valle is the place where aviation activity began in Italy: starting from 1908, the first military airships flew from here, and then seaplanes. In the 1977s the base was redeveloped and transformed into a Sports Center and Collection Center for Historic Aircraft, which in XNUMX officially became the Historical Museum. 

Today the CSSAM of Vigna di Valle has the task of supervising the activities of its two realities, called to represent the image of the Armed Force both at a sporting and historical-cultural level: the AM Sports Center works for the protection of the national sports heritage and thanks to the contribution of its technical-specialist staff, it carries out a careful search for the best talents, contributing to the technical-theoretical development of sports dynamics; the Museo Storico dell'Aeronautica Militare has the task of disseminating the aeronautical culture, history and traditions of the Armed Force through a large number of initiatives, both inside and outside the base. Around 50.000 people visit it annually. At the moment the Museum is closed for renovation and expansion works. The reopening is scheduled for 2023, as part of the celebrations for the centenary of the establishment of the Air Force. In addition to its institutional tasks, CSSAM also provides logistical support to SICRAL (Italian System for Confidential Communications and ALarms), an important inter-force telecommunications center, and the CTM - Technical Center for Meteorology.

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