Exercises: the "Typhoon Flag 2024" completed in Gioia del Colle

(To air Force)

The annual national exercise "Typhoon Flag 29" which saw the fighter crews Euro Fighter train in complex flight missions together with F-35, E-550 and KC767 aircraft.

The exercise, which began last March 11, specifically involved eight F-2000 aircraft and numerous maintenance technicians from the four wings of the line Euro Fighter which contribute to the National Air Defense: the 36th wing of Gioia del Colle, the 4th wing of Grosseto, the 37th wing of Trapani and the 51st wing of Istrana (Treviso).

This year the Typhoon Flag allowed participants to carry out preparatory training for the next one Red Flag Alaska 24-1, an important air exercise organized by the United States, which will take place in Alaska in the next months of April and May.

During the exercise, heterogeneous flight missions were planned and conducted, for a total of over 300 hours of flight, aimed at achieving multiple advanced training objectives which involved the crews of different assets. In particular, four F-35s from the 6th wing of Ghedi and the 32nd wing of Amendola were used to facilitate the integration between 4th and 5th generation aircraft.

An E-550A CAEW aircraft with aerial surveillance and command, control and communications functions and a KC-767A aircraft for in-flight refueling missions, both supplied to the 14th Pratica wing, also took an active part in the exercise. di Mare (Rome).

The Air Force also supported the exercise by activating the Salto Di Quirra Interforce Polygon in Sardinia where complex and highly representative operational scenarios were simulated, as well as the mobile command and control department of Bari Palese, which redeployed on the Gioia del Colle an operations room from which you can monitor and manage in-flight missions.

Also this year the Typhoon Flag it represented an important opportunity for the standardization of operational and maintenance procedures between the various departments Euro Fighter, to achieve training objectives at various levels by increasing the spirit of cooperation and sharing between personnel and the structures with which the Armed Force ensures the defense of national and NATO airspace, 365 days a year, without interruption.