A delegation of the Mexican Air Force visits the Guidonia School of Aerocooperation

(To Greater Defense)

A delegation from the Mexican Air Force was hosted by the Aerocooperation school, as part of the Bilateral Cooperation Plan 2021/2022 defined between the Defense staff and the Mexican counterpart.

To the delegation, welcomed by the commander, gen. b. Glauco L. Mora and his closest collaborators, the training offer of the Joint Force Institute in the two sectors of Remote Sensing and Aerocooperation, present on NATO, was illustrated Educational Training Opportunities Catalog (ETOC) of the Atlantic Alliance.

During the meeting, the Mexican delegation expressed particular interest in the sectors of the Remote sensing, with particular reference to RADAR Imaging

The validity of the School's Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) simulator was also appreciated, an extremely engaging, advanced and integrated system with realistic devices and equipment, which allows you to carry out virtual close air support missions (Close Air Support), significantly reducing training costs.