The Air Force Psychology Center is born

(To air Force)

Since last April, the Air Force has equipped itself with a new articulation, the psychology center, which has the purpose of planning, managing and monitoring all the activities related to the Aviation Psychology.

The new structure was presented on the afternoon of Thursday 18 May with an event that took place at the health service of the logistics command and which saw the participation of the general of the air force Luca Goretti, chief of staff of the Air Force, of the leaders of the Armed Forces and other guests.

The event was introduced by Chief Inspector General Giuseppe Ciniglio Appiani, head of the health service, who greeted the guests and thanked the authorities who allowed the center to be built, supporting a complex and articulated organizational effort to create a new structure of the Force Armata, which reflects the core business of the health service, i.e. the well-being and health of the individual and of the organization.

The meeting continued with the intervention of Colonel Federico Fioravanti, director of the new Centre, who illustrated the organizational set-up, which reports directly to the head of the health service, highlighting how thanks to the structure it will be possible to guarantee the full and constant integration of the psychology activities and services already existing in the Armed Forces.

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force then took the floor, emphasizing the need for the new structure, essential for an Armed Forces that wants and must keep up with the times of a society that is evolving ever faster. Thanks to the new Structure, the Air Force will in fact be more ready to intervene, at 360°, for the well-being of personnel, through support, support and assistance to men and women in blue, their families and their commanders, during both operational and training activities, as well as in emergency situations and in selection activities during the enlistment phases.

La Mission of the center is to ensure, without interruption, the necessary support to the multiple operational and institutional activities.

In order to make the AM Psychology more responsive to the current and diversified needs of the Armed Forces, the center was conceived and structured on three areal sections with specific territorial jurisdiction at national level: North (based in Florence); Center (based in Rome) and South (based in Bari).