The Chief of Staff of the Air Force visiting the 70th wing

(To air Force)

On Thursday 16 June, the chief of staff of the Italian Air Force, air squad general Luca Goretti, visited the 70th wing of Latina.

After the military honors, General Goretti was welcomed by the commander of the 70th flock, Pilot Colonel Michele Grassi, who, during a short briefing held in the "Graziani" classroom, he illustrated the infrastructural situation of the base, focusing in particular on the modernization works in progress such as the new buildings that will house the 207th flight group and the student accommodation and the infrastructural adaptation works of the single canteen , planned and implemented with a view to energy efficiency.

During his speech, General Goretti, addressing the staff of the flock, wanted to underline the importance of the Air Force Schools, which are "our business card, the entry point through which young people who aspire to be part of our armed force begin to take their first steps and that is why every single man and woman who works here at the flight school has a fundamental task, which also goes beyond the mission of the Flock itself. You have the task of forging these young people with your seriousness and your commitment so that you become a clear and positive example for them to follow ".

The visit then continued at the construction sites and the airport infrastructures, in particular the "E-learning room" where young visitors, through "on-line" theoretical training modules, designed and created by "content tutors" of the 70 ° flock in collaboration with the staff of the Re.Fo.Di.Ma. (Managerial Didactic Training Department) of the Institute of Military Aeronautical Sciences of Florence, carry out the initial phase of the educational path. This phase - called "Ground School" - allows students to learn the basic notions on subjects such as "Air Traffic", "Phraseology", "Aircraft Systems", "Meteorology", "Emergencies" and "Aeronautical Medicine", preparatory to being able to then undertake flight training aboard the T-260B aircraft.

The visit ended with the traditional signature of the honor roll by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, who addressed the staff "the most heartfelt applause for having over the years consolidated the awareness of the strategic and decisive role that the 70th flock has for the armed force, as the body where everything begins for a pilot".

The 70th flock, placed under the authority of the command schools of the Air Force and 3rd Air Region of Bari, is based at the "Enrico Comani" Military Airport of Latina and for over sixty years has represented the first compulsory stage in the professional training of the "military pilot", as it fulfills the institutional tasks of select and train future military pilots of the Air Force, of the other armed forces and armed bodies of the State and cadets of other Nations, through the issue of the first pilot license, the Airplane Pilot Patent (BPA).