The 51st fighter wing of Istrana hosts the 56th JSF Finance and Contracts Committee (FCC)

(To air Force)

From 29 to 31 January the 51st wing of Istrana, as part of the activities planned for the 56th JSF Finance and Contracts Committee (FCC), hosted the work of the delegation belonging to the F35 program “Lightning II Joint program office”.

Led by Mrs Tracy Deans and made up of military and civilian representatives of the partner countries of the programme, the delegation was received by the commander of the 51st fighter wing, Colonel Emanuele Chiadroni, who underlined, in his greeting speech, the responsibility and importance of hosting the committee's activities at the wing's facilities, without failing to describe the role and mission of the 51st wing in the context of national air defense and NATO.

The FCC is the financial forum of the F-35 Program which meets 4 times a year and which includes, among its tasks, consultancy to JSF Executive Steering Board (JESB) on contractual and financial matters, creating recommendations on activities that impact Program costs. The JESB is the highest expression of Program Governance, in which the principals of the Partner Countries and the US Services of the F-35 JSF Program participate (USAF, USN, USMC, UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Holland, Norway ). The headquarters of the Program is in Arlington (Virginia), in the United States of America, where there is the JPO (Joint Program Office) within which Italy participates with personnel from the Air Force and the Navy.

According to the planning of meeting, once a year the meeting is held outside the US territory and, for 2024, the organizing country identified was Italy and, in particular, the location identified by the IV department of SGD, on which the management depends of the JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) program, was that of the 51st wing of Istrana.

During their stay at Istrana Airport, the delegation had the opportunity to get to know closely the activities carried out by the men and women of the Wing and the bodies that make up the organization of the department, including the 132nd flight group “E. Buscaglia” which with the EF 2000 aircraft guarantees the surveillance service of the national and NATO airspace.

At the end of the three days, the head of the delegation, Mrs Tracy Deans, thanked the wing personnel for the hospitality and support received, as well as for the organization put in place for the complete success of the 56th JSF Finance and Contracts Committee (FCC), spending words of sincere appreciation towards our country.

The 51st fighter wing of Istrana is under the command of the combat forces (CFC) of Milan, whose assigned mission is to acquire and maintain the operational readiness of all air defense, attack and reconnaissance bodies, ensuring the operational efficiency of weapon systems, vehicles and materials, as well as the training of staff and the constant updating and optimization of operating procedures, in compliance with the SS.AA guidelines. The CFC reports to the air team command which exercises responsibilities regarding training, preparation and operational readiness of its departments, so that they acquire and maintain the expected levels of operational readiness.

The 51st wing, equipped with AMX, AMX -T and F2000 aircraft, in addition to supporting surface forces and attack and reconnaissance operations, is one of the 6 wings of the Italian Air Force that ensure national air defense and Quick Reaction Alert of NATO.