Frecce Tricolori: the National Aerobatic Team turns 62

(To air Force)

“Our National Acrobatic Patrol turns 62 today. On 1 March 1961, the Frecce Tricolori of the Air Force were born in Rivolto. Since then faces and means have changed, but not passion and dedication: the same as our Armed Forces. Congratulations!".

So the defense minister, Guido Crosetto, on the anniversary of Frecce Tricolori.

The premises for the creation of the PAN, the National Acrobatic Patrol, were thrown on 1 March 1961, on the Rivolto air base, where the Air Force general staff ordered the constitution of the Special Acrobatic Unit, (from 1 July 313th aerobatic training group), which, in the intentions of the Air Force, must perfect the specific preparation of the pilots without wasting their precious experiences.

The new department, called Special unit, was established in Rivolto, a few kilometers from that stretch of Campoformido which at the end of the 20s had seen the birth of the first acrobatic teams. The original nucleus around which the unit develops is the patrol of the 4th aerobrigade, already designated as the "owner" formation for 1961. The aircraft with which the first six assigned pilots reach Rivolto on 1 March all have l emblem of the "Prancing Horse".