The first maintenance intervention was carried out on a turbojet at 10th RMV

(To air Force)

At the 10th Aircraft Maintenance Department of Galatina, the repair of the Turbogetto was successfully completed Viper MK632-43. This is the first case of maintenance of the "compressor case" and subsequent reassembly, at a maintenance department of the Armed Forces, on a type of engine that normally saw this processing carried out exclusively at the Piaggio Aerospace (PAS) plants.

This important milestone, the result of the ever-increasing synergy between the Armed Force and Piaggio Aerospace (PAS), was reached following an in-depth feasibility study, which involved the technical and maintenance staff of the 10th Aircraft Maintenance Department and the company PAS. The qualified management exercised by the staff of the department made it possible to restore the efficiency of the turbojet in the engine room of the 3rd LT, in a short time and with a significant reduction in costs.

This joint effort is part of the strategy implemented by the Department, and fully supported by the higher authorities, to increase its maintenance capacity on the turbojet. Starting from 2019, an intense effort has been put in place to innovate the vehicles and increase maintenance skills, in order to support and maintain the maximum efficiency levels of both the training fleets and the National Aerobatic Team (PAN).

The wisely achieved objective is also testimony to the particular sensitivity of the Piaggio Aerospace (PAS) company towards the operational needs of the Armed Force. The company has contributed daily to the technical - maintenance activities with augmentees of its own staff at the Maintenance Bodies.

The turbojet Viper MK632-43, returned to service, also represents the 50th engine at the same time efficient for the T-339 fleet in all its versions, a milestone of particular importance in light of the past critical issues faced which led the Armed Force to re-elaborate consolidated maintenance policies. over the years, gradually increasing its ability to intervene on the turbojet, re-planning its activities in this sector and above all seeking new maintenance strategies that can satisfy the ambitious operational objectives assigned to the fleet.

With this in mind and pursuing the proposed strategy, the technical staff of the 10th Aircraft Maintenance Department has become the protagonist, increasing the volume of annual maintenance carried out and increasing its ability to intervene, facing and resolving increasingly complex failures.

The 10 ° Aircraft Maintenance Department Lecce provides the maintenance of the T-339, T-346 and T-345 aircraft supplied to the Italian Air Force and the technical-logistical support of the stop barriers operating on the national territory and abroad.