Logistics command: Brigadier General Sandro Sanasi takes over from Division General Vincenzo Falzarano

(To air Force)

Wednesday 20 March, at automated information systems department, the handover ceremony took place at the top of the 3rd division of the logistics command between division general Vincenzo Falzarano, outgoing commander, and brigadier general Sandro Sanasi, incoming commander.

The ceremony, presided over by the logistics commander, air team general Antonio Conserva, took place in the presence of the Institute Flag of the 4th telecommunications and systems brigade for air defense and flight assistance, with the deployment of the personnel of the 3rd division and dependent bodies and the participation of military authorities and representatives of companies and industrial partners.

General Falzarano, who is finishing active service and leaving the leadership of the division after almost four years, during his farewell speech wanted to underline how it was “an intense, challenging but rewarding period, during which, in short, we faced a great change, dictated by the digital transformation of the Armed Forces and the strong impact that the Cyber ​​threat and technological innovation have had on it. This change, indispensable and decisive, has made it possible to increase the operational capabilities of the Air Force and place it in an advantageous position in facing future challenges". Addressing the deployed personnel he then added: “Thanks to you, the 3rd division has become, from a maintenance organization, an organization providing quality services”

General Sanasi, after giving a deferential salute to the flag of the 4th brigade, took up the baton passed to him with privilege, thanking the leaders of the Armed Forces for the trust placed in him: “I am fully aware of the complexity of the task and the responsibility that comes with it. A responsibility in which I identify with conviction but also with humility; a challenge that I will face by putting all my energy and experience into play. The 3rd division has always faced complex challenges, because the operation of the Armed Force depends and will increasingly depend on the ability to find and convey the necessary information to decision makers in a safe and timely manner commensurate with the need. I am convinced that the extremely high professionalism of the division's staff will allow us to overcome any difficulty".

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the logistics commander, in underlining the numerous and important goals achieved by the 3rd division, expressed great satisfaction with what was achieved during the period of command by General Falzarano. “I am aware of the quality and quantity of the strategic services that the division ensures for the Armed Forces, which are critical and often subject to cyber threats. Modern and disruptive technologies touch every aspect of our lives: the 3rd division, with its continuous research, provides operational, command and control, logistics and management services in an innovative, safe and resilient way. The processing of precise and coherent information by the men and women of the 3rd division allows the decision makers of the Air Force to operate with a concrete advantage and produce deterrence".

The 3rd division of the logistics command ensures operational, technical and logistical support services in the areas of operation and maintenance of air defense systems, flight assistance, telecommunications and meteorology. He also supervises the operation and maintenance activities of the automated systems, taking care of the training of the technical staff. In recent years, the management of the manufacturing sector has increasingly taken on an operational connotation cyber defense to the aerospace domain.