Caserta: change at the top of the Air Force School of Specialists

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On Friday 15 July, the handover ceremony took place in command of the Specialist School of the Air Force, between Colonel Roberto Impegno, outgoing commander, and Colonel Francesco Sassara, incoming commander.

The ceremony was presided over by the air squad general Silvano Frigerio, commander of the schools AM / 3 ^ aerial region of Bari, in the presence of the civil, religious and military authorities of Caserta and the province.

In his farewell speech, Colonel Roberto Impegno thanked the superior authorities for the trust placed in him and all the representatives of the institutions, associations and civil society for the exceptional collaboration and proximity to the Institute during the entire period of command, from July 2020 to July 2022. He also expressed his gratitude to the staff of the Specialist School for their commitment and the achievements in a historical phase marked both by the pandemic, which has not stopped teaching activities, and by the serious international crisis in Ukraine. In order to provide support to the local community, a first reception hub was set up in a timely manner e screening methods health within the Institute, intended for Ukrainian refugees (mainly women and children), moreover, in collaboration with the ASL of Caserta, the School hosted and supported a Drive Through for nasopharyngeal swabs in order to contain and contrast the spread of Covid 19 among the civilian population.

Col Roberto Impegno then recalled the important results achieved in the field of specialized training, especially for aircraft maintainers, with attention to quality processes and the strengthening of educational infrastructures, recently further enhanced by the acquisition of a training hangar. at the 9th wing of Grazzanise (CE), equipped with three aircraft for practical maintenance, an AMX, an SF260 and an OH-500. 

The col. Commitment was then addressed to course attendees of the Specialist School: "I wish you a peaceful and satisfying future in our Armed Force. Be protagonists of your professional life, be proud to belong to an extraordinary family in blue at the service of the country".

At the end of the farewell speech, he warmly wishes the new commander for the exciting path that awaits him in order to guarantee the Specialist School to remain at the forefront of the complex sector of specialist training in the future as well.

Colonel Francesco Sassara, in his first speech as commander of the Air Force Specialist School, together with the greeting to the representatives of the local institutions and the guests attending the ceremony, thanked the commander of the schools / 3rd Bari air region for the trust accordatagli and col. Roberto Commitment to "the precious support and unconditional availability".

The incoming commander then turned to the staff of the Specialist School who were asked to work in the field of professional training to state: "the value of the person, to build skills, to create the conditions so that everyone can develop their own path of human, social and professional growth and fulfillment. It is therefore in this perspective that I expect all of you, men and women of the Specialist School of the Air Force, you feel part of this team that guards and interprets the value of training with passion and competence. (...) I will be among you, among the course attendees, with the sole purpose of putting everyone in the best conditions to work and learn because 'teaming up' will allow us to face the challenges that await us in a cohesive way and with unity of purpose ".

He then added: "All this with the spirit that has always distinguished the personnel of the Air Force which, having now reached the milestone of its 100 years of history, with solid roots, is projected towards the future to intercept the next challenges and inspire the new generations".

The air squad general Silvano Frigerio, commander of the Air Force Schools / 3rd air region, in his speech, after greeting the School Institute Flag, decorated with a Bronze Medal for civil valor and the authorities present in representation of the institutions and civil society of Caserta and the Province, has retraced the stages and important objectives achieved by the School of Specialists, in the last two years, among which particular importance is the complete revision of the training and training course of aircraft maintainers developed in in accordance with European legislation and all the consequent upgrades in infrastructures and equipment to support education and training. 

The gen. sa Frigerio, after thanking col. Commitment to the work done, addressing the incoming commander said: "The future offers us increasingly complex and constantly evolving scenarios, unpredictable challenges to which we must respond; this requires continuous improvement, also in the training sector, with the aim of providing our visitors with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to leave the School 'plug and play', that is, immediately usable in the operational assignment departments. It is up to you, therefore, to go further, always look ahead and - as they say - raise the bar a little more, continuing the 'flight towards the future', as the motto of the Centenary of the Air Force which will be celebrated next year ... ".

The ceremony then ended with the traditional signing of the honor roll by the commander of the Air Force Schools / 3rd air region.

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