Change at the top of the RSSTA of Decimomannu

(To air Force)

On Thursday 9 July 2020 the Experimental Department and Air Shooting Standardization (RSSTA) command change ceremony took place between the outgoing commander Colonel Maurizio De Angelis and the incoming colonel Cosimo De Luca.

The ceremony, chaired by the commander of the Experimental Polygon and Interforce Training of Salto di Quirra (PISQ), Brigadier General Michele Oballa, took place in front of the War Flag of the department and with a minimum representation of personnel, in line with the requirements dictated by the emergency situation related to COVID-19.

Colonel De Angelis, in his farewell speech, expressed sincere thanks to all the staff of the department: "Together we proudly reaffirmed the mission of the RSSTA / AWTI (Air Weapons Training Installation) by supporting all sorts of national, international, inter-agency and inter-agency redeployment, including the major defense exercises for which we have received important awards".

Colonel De Luca, in his inauguration speech, first of all expressed thanks to the superior authorities for the trust placed in him in entrusting him with the prestigious task. He then turned to the RSSTA staff and hoped, in the challenge for the new Command, "support, passion and pride to pursue the institutional objectives of the Department together and to overcome, always together, any challenge that stands in their way".

Brigadier General Michele Oballa, commander of the PISQ, then took the floor. After paying the deferential staff farewell to the school flag, Gen. Oballa highlighted the extreme importance of the RSSTA in support of the training and operational activity conducted by the Armed Force on the island. He underlined the future challenges that the department will be called upon to address, including the establishment of the next International Flight Training School (IFTS) being set up within Decimomannu Airport, inviting all the staff of the Department to face them with a spirit of adaptability and resilience.

The commander of the PISQ wished a good job to the col. Cosimo De Luca, confirming his full trust and maximum support, with the awareness that he will be able to fulfill the new prestigious role with the utmost commitment and foresight. Subsequently, he expressed deep satisfaction for the work of Colonel Maurizio De Angelis who knew how to operate with extreme momentum, efficacy and complete dedication to the task entrusted to him.

Decimomannu airport, home of the Experimental and Air Shooting Standardization Department, is a training department that provides logistical technical support to all Air Force flight departments, inter-force and international. The base, located in Sardinia about 20 km from the city of Cagliari, thanks also to the favorable climatic conditions, the availability of large air spaces, as well as the presence of important logistical infrastructures, is counted as an ideal place for aerial training. It is able to simultaneously host numerous aerotactic, transport and helicopter aircraft, having runways and parking areas suitable also for larger aircraft in line. The RSSTA also guarantees important services which also benefit the local community: the weather observation service, the radar approach control of civil and military air traffic operating in the central-southern area of ​​Sardinia and the search and rescue provided by the '80th CSAR center equipped with HH-212 helicopters.