C-130J of the 46th Air Brigade carries an ambulance with the patient on board

(To air Force)

Last night a woman in imminent danger of life was transported from Lamezia Terme (CZ) to Pisa with a C-130J plane of the 46th Air Brigade for subsequent hospitalization in the Cisanello hospital of the Tuscan town.

An ambulance was embarked on the aircraft with the patient and a medical team on board.

The transport request was received from the prefecture of Cosenza to the Summit Situation Room of the Air Squad Command, the Air Force operational room which has among its duties that of organizing and managing this type of transport throughout the national territory.

At about 16:10 the C-130J took off from Pisa, the seat of the 46th Air Brigade, in the direction of Lamezia Terme, where boarding operations were carried out immediately after landing.

Departing from the Calabrian city, around 21:00 pm the aircraft landed in Pisa airport, from where the patient was transferred to the hospital.