Change in the top management of the Commissariat AM

(To air Force)

On June 24, the handover between the outgoing Commissariat director, Colonel Michele Minenna, and the Colonel Francesco Arbitrio, incoming director, was held at Guidonia Airport, in limited form for the provisions on the containment of Covid-19. The head of the Commissariat and administration service, Brigadier General Giuseppe Midili and of the Head of the Commissioner Corps, Inspector General Raffaele Moauro.

The col. Minenna, who will shortly take on the role of Head of the Commissariat department, has drawn up the balance of his period at the helm of the management, highlighting the constant commitment provided by all the staff employed by him to achieve the institutional objectives; he thanked the superior authorities and the Commissioner for the support received in carrying out the prestigious assignment and concluded his speech with the wish to Colonel Arbitrio to obtain the greatest possible satisfaction from this assignment.

Colonel Arbitrio expressed his deep satisfaction with the trust placed by the higher authorities in entrusting him with the important task and expressed his intention to continue and strengthen, under the direction of Commissariat and administration service, the rationalization of the administrative activities carried out by the management in favor of the units of the Armed Force, making use of the technological and procedural innovation initiated by the predecessor.

General Midili, after bringing the greetings from the logistic commander, concluded the interventions by noting the peculiarity of the management of the Commissariat as the only contracting station in the specific sector and the importance of the manager's managerial capacity, which resulted in the increasingly extensive use of the dynamic system of acquisition, the exclusive use of electronic transactions and the centralization of operations connected with electronic invoicing. The general concluded with warm appreciation for the action carried out in the direction by Colonel Minenna and with the hope of new and exciting results to Colonel Arbitrio, in which he places maximum trust.