Air Force: General Goretti is the new chief of staff

(To air Force)

The alternation ceremony at the top of the Air Force between the air squad general Alberto Rosso and the air squad general Luca Goretti took place this morning at the Ciampino military airport (Rome), home of the 31st wing, in the presence by the Minister of Defense, Hon. Lorenzo Guerini, and of the Defense Chief of Staff, General Enzo Vecciarelli. The event was attended by military leaders and numerous political, civil and religious authorities.

In his farewell speech, General Rosso, after three years at the helm of the Armed Force, wanted to retrace the intense period lived: "They have not been an easy three years, marked in large part by sudden and unexpected challenges, which have tested the abilities of the AOS, but perhaps precisely for this reason they have been three years full of extraordinary satisfactions." He then went on to point out "what has been done looking far ahead, to the future, to the new domains of space and cybernetics, implementing new capabilities, launching new programs and cooperations, preparing us for hypothetical and unforeseen challenges; [...] what has been done by looking at the present, for be ready, capable, credible in daily commitments at home and abroad, to respond promptly and effectively to unexpected events, crises, emergencies, fundamental and vital commitments that we must ensure every day, 24 hours a day, without solution of continuity, alongside the other armed forces, together with the other institutions, in harmony with allied and friendly countries " and finally what has been done "looking to the past, our history, our traditions, to enhance our roots, to strengthen the pride of belonging, to consolidate the sense of family and pride for what we have been and for what we are."

General Rosso has defined his own ”Over 43 years in fantastic and exciting AM, lived intensely, literally flown. A Catholic philosopher said that gratitude is the measure of happiness and this is the prevailing sentiment today. If I look back and go through my life I am well aware that I am privileged. I was able to crown in life what was my childhood dream and my passion: flying. The Air Force has allowed me to grow, it has trained me, it has offered me extraordinary, professional and human opportunities. But if I look back, in my whole life in blue - General Rosso concluded - the greatest satisfaction and wealth I received was given to me by the staff. I received it from my superiors, from colleagues, from subordinates with whom we shared difficulties and challenges; satisfactions and successes, joys and pains. The complicity that naturally arises between those who are part of the same team, between those who love the same life, between those who have decided to take the same oath and have served, sweated, rejoiced, suffered, and fought together, meaning and pride of belonging are priceless riches, which are priceless, which fill the heart and is the dearest and most precious thing that I will always carry with me. "

After the reading of the Agenda and the passage of the War Flag of the Air Force from the outgoing SMA chief to the successor, the air squad general Luca Goretti took the floor and in the course of his speech underlined how in his mandate intends "Lead this wonderful blue team, in the name of continuity, towards increasingly prestigious goals and destinations". A challenge that will be based on "values ​​and principles such as education, seriousness, honesty, patience, knowing how to listen, control, team spirit: fundamental for those in the service of the state and especially for those who wear the stars".

General Goretti then wanted to thank General Rosso: "Your safety, your determination and the absolute priority for the Air Force have represented, for my daily work, a serenity and tranquility that have allowed the achievement of the objectives set in perfect harmony inside and outside the Armed Force". He then concluded by saying: "We must go on like this and I hope that the Institutions will ensure adequate human and financial resources to support this great military reality. The Air Force with its personnel, I repeat, is there and will always be ready. We want to continue to train with the necessary quantitative and qualitative need for the skills we are able to express. "

The Chief of Defense Staff, General Enzo Vecciarelli, during his speech underlined how "The change in the position of Chief of Staff of the Air Force represents an event of absolute importance for the Armed Force and a moment of great intensity that I myself had the privilege of being able to experience firsthand". He also added: "I want to thank you, Alberto, for the continuity you have given to my command action and for the further innovative push you have been able to give in making the Air Force evolve towards an integrated model of collective defense, developing in parallel effective cooperation with the main institutions of the country ". Finally, addressing General Goretti, the Defense Chief of Staff expressed his wishes as follows: "Dear Luca, you are preparing to lead the Air Force in a demanding period full of challenges, technological and cultural, but knowing your skills and abilities, your admirable willpower, your charisma and the very high ideals that animate you are sure that you will know how to be an enlightened leader and leader by continuing in the path traced over the years ".

In his speech, the Minister of Defense Hon. Lorenzo Guerini highlighted that “The Air Force is one of the institutional pillars of the national and Euro-Atlantic defense and security system. Always present where it is necessary to protect Italy's strategic interest and to guarantee the safety of our citizens. The Arma Azzurra has registered in its DNA the obligation to look to the future, where technological development is growing at an exponential rate. This is the most qualifying task that falls to us: to live the present while anticipating the future, to remain a sure point of reference for the country, a backbone that is always ready for use ".

In the morning, General Rosso and General Goretti laid a laurel wreath to the fallen of the Air Force at the Lapidary of the Three Arches in Palazzo Aeronautica, in Rome.

Subsequently, they went to the Quirinale where they were received by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.