Air Force: 1000 days to the centenary of the constitution

(To air Force)

The countdown to the celebrations of the centenary of the Air Force begins today, which will officially take place on March 28, 2023. This countdown it will be marked by a virtual clock on the official website of the Armed Force which, day after day, will mark the approach to this historic anniversary.

Thus began a path that, in 1000 days, dotted with special initiatives such as itinerant events and charitable activities, will lead us to the prestigious anniversary. It will be a flight of the heart that starts from March 28, 1923, the date on which our Armed Force was founded and which, through an ideal narrative made of tradition, passion, dedication, spirit of sacrifice and selfless heroism, projects us with determination towards a future of which we will continue to be indispensable protagonists.

One hundred years of Air Force, still young but with a glorious history and tradition, built by the enterprises of great and valiant men, who with passion, generosity and convinced pride have brought the Tricolor and the War Flag of the world everywhere Aeronautica Militare, around which all the men and women in blue have always ideally gathered, recognizing themselves in the values, spirit and history embodied by it.

The expectation that today we begin to articulate, one day at a time, wants to give the right merit to those who, honoring the oath taken every day, dressed with dignity and pride the Air Force uniform and above all want to remember our Brothers who with their selfless and selfless sacrifice they made the Armed Force and this country great. In this highly symbolic moment, our thoughts fly right to them and the embrace of the whole Blue Army hugs their loved ones.

Almost one hundred years of history behind us, commitments and future challenges to which the Air Force will respond as always with an absolute spirit of service to the community. Among these challenges, the constant one of the propensity for technological innovation to always be an avant-garde and useful tool for the country, and the commitment in new domains such as cyber and space, the latter being the natural extension of the sky. All this while the contribution of the Armed Force continues not only on the national territory for the defense and security of Italy, but also in distant countries to safeguard international security. The Air Force has always responded to the country's call, intervening in the service of the community, protecting its security and proving indispensable in the most serious and complex crisis situations, during which our unique characteristics, such as rapidity of intervention, flexibility and adaptability are essential in emergency management. The most recent example is that of the COVID-19 emergency, during which the Armed Force deployed many of its peculiar capabilities, such as the transport of patients in high bio-containment as well as the use of highly specialized personnel. with doctors, nurses, engineers, logistics experts.

For the occasion, the Air Force Chief of Staff, Air Force General Alberto Rosso, has formalized the "Air Force Centenary Committee" project group, chaired by Chief Inspector General Basilio Di Martino. A committee of honor will also be presented shortly, with the symbolic value of continuity in history and collaboration in sharing values ​​and passion for the world of flight.

Yesterday as today, the Air Force is constantly committed to serving the country, day and night, to fulfill the many tasks assigned to the Armed Force, ranging from the defense of the Italian skies and NATO to a multiplicity of services for the community, including air search and rescue, the transport of people in imminent danger of life, the weather service, air traffic control.