Aeronautical Academy: swears the 12th AUFP course

(To air Force)

The collective oath ceremony of 21 students belonging to the 2021th course took place on Thursday 19 October 12 at the Auditorium of the Aeronautical Academy of Pozzuoli. Officers in Stationary Stables (AUFP).

The students - 14 of the special weapons role, 2 of the aeronautical engineer corps special role and 3 of the aeronautical commissariat special role - swore loyalty to the Italian Republic in collective form, before the flag of the Institute, in the presence of the Interim commander of the Air Force Academy, Colonel Gaetano Pennacchio. 

The ceremony was also attended by a small number of family members and a representative of the permanent staff.

Colonel Pennacchio in his speech, addressing the jurands underlined the importance of today's ceremony: "... I urge you to live this moment with awareness and with the spirit that will accompany you throughout your career as officers. Be proud of the choice you have made, honor your oath daily with exemplary conduct and always safeguard your moral integrity".

The 12th AUFP course, whose training course will end in November 2021, was incorporated into the Armed Force on 6 September. At the end of the course, suitable attendees will be assigned to the armed force units.

The training process of the AUFP course consists of two phases, the first, defined as "military" and carried out by all attendees, has the purpose of providing basic military preparation, providing transversal subjects such as command tasks and functions, Defense and AM, military logistics and communication techniques.

The second phase, on the other hand, called "professional", differs according to the role and category to which it belongs and has the purpose of providing the specific knowledge and skills useful for guaranteeing subsequent and effective employment in the departments of the Armed Force.