70 ° flock: Plan MACA 2022 (Mid Air Collision Avoidance)

(To 70 ° flock)

The annual meeting called Piano MACA (Mid Air Collision Avoidance) between the staff of the 70th wing and the representatives of the Aero Clubs, Flight Schools, took place this morning at the "E. Comani" Airport of Latina Scalo. Aeromodelling, Paragliding, Hang Gliding and Paratroopers Associations operating within the Pontine airspace.

Organized by the SV Office in the context of flight prevention and safety activities, the main purpose of the meeting was to share experiences and ideas in the "safety" of flight operations and to confirm and maintain that set of links between the various flight users, of all shapes and types, who operate daily, in the civil and military fields, within the varied Pontine Airspace, characterized by the constant increase in recreational flight activity (VDS) and by the ever increasing dissemination of UAV flight activities (drones).  

The flock commander col. Michele Grassi, who, in recalling the primary task of the 70th flock, that is the initial training of future military pilots, highlighted how fundamentally important it is to instill in young pilots, from the earliest stages of training, the basic principles of safety. I fly and educate them in the "Just Culture". "By sharing personal ideas and experiences and the dissemination of Lessons Learned, it is possible to create a valid analysis and prevention tool through which to identify the possible contributing causes of flight problems and accidents in the aeronautical field and at the same time identify appropriate measures for risk mitigation ".

Through short briefing led by the chief flight security office and by staff of the airspace control service, respectively on issues such as "Visual Scanning", the "limitations of the eye", the peculiarities of the airspace of Latina, the study of some "Mid Air Collision" events and the statistical analysis of events deriving from " authorized in Controlled Airspace ", bystanders were able to deepen the study on the possible causes of these events and identify the appropriate" best practices "to be put into practice by each user of the flight in order to reduce, as far as possible, the recurrence of similar events. 

The interest aroused in the auditorium was noteworthy and there were various interventions through which each pilot and worker was able to share their experience, thus demonstrating how much these initiatives are necessary to bring the world of civil aviation closer to that of military aviation with the common aim of preventing and increasing flight safety.

The day ended with the greeting and thanks of the flock commander addressed to all the participants and to all those who worked for the best outcome of the event, saying he was certain that the foundations were strengthened to be able to work together in full respect of each other's activities. regulations and the principles of flight safety.

The 70th wing, based on the "Enrico Comani" Military Airport of Latina, is placed under the command of the Air Force schools and 3rd Air Region based in Bari and for over sixty years has performed the institutional tasks of selecting and train future military pilots of the Air Force, of the other Armed Forces and armed bodies of the State and cadets of other Nations. Since 1938, the year of its foundation, the flight school has issued over 15.000 piloting patents, realizing a total of about 500.000 flight hours, carried out on the following aircraft: Douglas C-47 Dakota, Beechcraft C45, Piaggio P.166M, Piaggio P.148, SIAI Marchetti SF260AM, Cessna L.19, Dornier 228, Piaggio P.68, Piaggio P.166 DL3, Leonardo SF260EA, SIAI Marchetti S.208M, Piaggio P.166 DP1 and Tecnam P-2006T.

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