Nice storm: theoretical attacks two years ago, on the network the guidelines

(To Franco Iacch)

22 September 2014. The Islamic State publishes on the network a speech entitled "Verily, your Lord is ever watchful". It is considered the first polished guide to the Islamic State to kill Western infidels. The work consecrates Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, loyal to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a spokesman for the movement and one of the main public figures in the terrorist network. Author of several audio recordings published online, he is considered like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and heir of the latter in the guide of the caliphate.

He wrote al-Adnani: "... relying on Allah is essential to complete the mission and kill an infidel. Then you could smash his head with a stone, slaughter it with a knife, hit it with a car, throw it from a high place, suffocate it or poison it. "

Born in the 1977 in Binnish, western Syria, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani whose real name is Taha Subhi Falaha, is the official spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq. Emir of ISIS in Syria, on him hangs a bounty of 5 million dollars placed by the US State Department. His terrorist career began when he was very young in Iraq against coalition forces.

Captured by the Americans in the 2005, he spent five years in the Camp Bucca prison. From the 2010 to the 2012, identity changes several times: Taha al-Banshi, Jaber Taha Falah, Abu Baker Al-Khattab, Abu Sadek al-Rawi up to his current name Mohamed al-Adnani. Having been sanctioned by the 15 August 2014 by the UN Security Council, it is included in the "Kill List" of the US State Department three days later.

The umpteenth tragedy that occurred a few hours ago in Nice demonstrates our collective inability to understand the true dimensions of terrorism. Beyond what can be said, there is no safe country that can prevent terrorism. The latter, by its very nature, needs only the will of its authors to become real. Unfortunately, as long as there are individuals willing to sacrifice their lives for a cause considered "holy", terrorism cannot be resisted.

Unlike the Paris attacks, the facts of Nice would seem to have been carried out by a single individual. It would seem to lack the support of an organized group that we know to have played a fundamental role in the 13 massacre last November. The independence of such attacks makes them impossible to prevent.

The Nice attacks once again demonstrate how the Islamic State and other global jihadist groups are abandoning elaborate terrorist attacks. These require huge amounts of money and careful planning and exposes the cells to secret services. It would be correct to say that we are facing an evolution of terrorism, transformed into brand. Once the attack took place, the Islamic State appropriated it, placing its own seal, glorifying the executors who achieved martyrdom for that Jihad endlessly against the unbelievers. Most do not even need individual motivation. The network does the rest. Romancing the success of terror makes it accessible to anyone. Anyone, without any particular skill, but only with an iron will, could kill people and be killed, participating in the macabre ritual of murder.

If it is true that on the one hand we are facing an evolution of terrorism, on the other hand many of the recent attacks have been theorized years ago. Here are some examples.

20 March 2014. Publish information on the net to assemble a grenade with simple household items such as gas cylinders and nails. The device can be set by the "martyr", by a timer or by a remote detonator. The guide reads: “Prepare the car bomb a few hours before the operation so nobody can accuse you of preparing an attack and remember to distribute all the ingredients for home. The car bomb is used to kill people, but not to destroy buildings. Therefore, look for specific occasions such as election campaigns or charity parties ". The terrorists had already understood the importance of low-profile targets and advised to target restaurants, bars, theaters, stadiums and tourist destinations. A few months later, attacks took place in France, Belgium, Turkey and Tunisia. The targets are the same as recommended two years before.

The next attack on Christmas? Inspire also suggested the best times of the year for a terrorist attack and suggests Christmas as a favorable opportunity to kill infidels. Dress yourself up as Santa Claus - it is read - and get blown up.

December 24 2014. In the winter issue of Inspire, Al-Qaeda's magazine, the targets to hit are suggested. In the article called "Field Tactics", the author explains how to hide explosive devices. It is explained that the attack itself should not be seen as the "simple" detonation of a bomb, but as a tool that could damage the enemy's economy (USA in the first place).

A few years ago, the terrorists sensed the fundamental importance of the Internet as a tool to spread anti-Western culture and recruit new cells. Terror can never be completely contained: the chances of someone taking a gun to wipe out the supposed enemies is real and constant, but there may be some starting points. Which? Deny the sound box.

Terrorists love media attention. If the same, for episodes such as those of Nice, instead of moving on the terrorists to those affected, their tragedy and their history, the attacks could become less heroic in the radical world. It is clear that what we are fighting is primarily an ideological war. The world must find ways to deal with the spread of Salafi ideology, a global threat.

The media tend to focus too much on the root causes of terrorism, which gives the terrorists the ideological justification for violence. The widespread analysis of the media ends up favoring only terror.

Then there would be a problem of a literal nature. If we associate the terms of reference with terrorism as that of magnet, a karmic view of its negative effects will develop.

We need indignation, not fear.