Libya: Antichrist hysteria on social networks. Friday of fire at the doors?

(To Andrea Cucco)

"If you do not submit to al-Serraj's authority, we will break Haftar's head!"

This would be one of the sentences attributed to the Minister of Defense Roberta Pinotti who are burning the spirits in Cyrenaica. We are talking about half Libya, the eastern one.

They come from twitter and facebook photos with flaming Italian flags and invectives that compare the commitment to stabilize the country to new Fascist memory enterprises. As it is easy to imagine the delusions are self-feeding on the net giving life to a dangerous escalation. The word of mouth that would be mounting under the ashtag "brucucialabandieraitaliana" (photo below) would seem to be meeting for a Friday of street protests.

Minister Pinotti's words are obviously an invention. Lies but they are bearing fruit.

From Libya come testimonies worried by our sources on the spot that agree on two points: what is mounting at this time should not be underestimated (the 2011 riots were born and have proliferated thanks to social media), the wave of distorted messages could not being a direct work by Libyans.

Although in a chaos to be verified, the question is therefore simple: beyond the natural interest of General Haftar to see internationally recognized the internal support of a large slice of the population, who may want the Italians (again) out of the game ?

(in the images some of the attacks on Italy that are growing on social networks)