To take stock of the Ukrainian question

(To Andrea Pastore)

This weekend was extremely challenging for international diplomacy and in particular for the Franco-German axis.

The couple Merkel Hollande decided to meet Russian President Putin to find a compromise solution that avoids the hypothesis of a military escalation and with the aim of resolving the Ukrainian deal, especially after the sudden exit of US Vice President Biden, according to which it would be next to supply US arms to the regular armed forces of Kiev, so as to put in place an adequate contrast to the alleged Russian military support to the Donbass separatists. 

In addition to the threat of a concrete military commitment by the White House, on the sidelines of the meeting on the security of Monaco, Biden always calls on NATO allies to join forces against a Russia, he said, an element of destabilization for the whole Europe. It is well known that Biden is a gaffeur, but it seems very absurd to go as far as the "deadly" diplomatic incident.

It is likely that Putin is providing concrete support to the separatists of south-eastern Ukraine, however it remains intellectually correct to recognize that for about a decade the US has done nothing but provoke Moscow more or less deliberately, it was in fact the 2006 when, putting the nose in Georgian question, they feared in Moscow the beginning of an encirclement which then became concrete with the never denied CIA intervention in Maidan Square and the consequent deposition of the elected president Yanucovich, replaced by the former Soviet oligarch, who was recycled in the right neo-Nazi Poroshenko , then we must not forget the anti-missile shield with offensive capabilities that from the far 2002 is looking for a site to be located less than 500 km from a state, the Russian one, which should be, after the fall of the wall, a partner and not an opponent strategic.

If we add to these military political moves the drop in the price of hydrocarbons, the collapse of the ruble, piloted by the financial speculators of Wall Street and London, the bill is soon made, in short, bringing together the geopolitics and the economy to confirm the attempted encirclement of Moscow takes on the tone of certainty.

Who knows how many will wonder if Russia has not gone looking for Crimea after all, in reality the procedures with which the Crimea was first self-determined and subsequently joined the Russian Federal Republic are almost similar to what happened in Kosovo or in Scotland with mixed fortunes, but always without any beating of the western edge.

Perhaps the US is excessively pulling the rope and Frau Merkel seems to have understood it well when during the press conference at the conclusion of the Munich meeting she limited herself to saying that: the military option does not appear to be an effective deterrent to condition the Putin shares.

In the game of chess to win you need to have a strategic vision of the game and try to control the central houses of the board, the US in the last hours have made tactical statements and are moving with a marginal approach that however risks having devastating effects on a global level , if it were just a game of chess there would be the wrath of sports defeat, in this case the fear is the cancellation of the future of entire generations.