Up there, where you plan the wonders of the new Naval Program

(To Andrea Cucco)

It is mainly on the top floor of the Lungotevere delle Navi headquarters in Rome that the experiences and ideas of the designers and technicians of the Italian navy take shape and defined contours.

There are three innovative ones classes affected by the long-awaited (after 40 years ...) Naval Program in progress: multipurpose offshore patrol vessels (PPA), logistic support vessels (LSS: Logistic Support Ship) and multi-role amphibious vessels (LHD: Landing Helicopter Dock).

We asked to be able to visit those rooms. A few days ago we received the invitation.

Those you are about to meet are officers in command of extraordinary men who work tirelessly to offer Italy the means most suited to peace and war operations that we will face in the decades to come.

A note of absolute appreciation is due: editing the interview I realized a posteriori that - unlike what usually happens in the military world (sometimes you want a simple "trace", sometimes you dispute the comma ...) - to the commanders Parapetto and Olivo had not sent any list of questions. They found each other in front of, a beautiful sunny morning, a curious reporter. With sincerity, courtesy and patience they answered who probably wasn't ... let's say maybe "free from inaccurate convictions ".

They are not the first ones I met in these terms.

Dear Minister Pinotti, give your men more confidence, they deserve it. Otherwise they will continue to live in a dimension where it is not allowed to make mistakes (I am not talking about the battlefield). And in "certain conditions" the one who dares wins, not the one who avoids the risks (now yes).

Good vision!