The Historical Museum of the Air Force (MUSAM): the history of Italian military flight, renewed and expanded!

(To Andrea Cucco)

On the shores of Lake Bracciano, inside the ancient seaplane base of Vigna di Valle, stands the Historical Museum of the Air Force (MUSAM). Inaugurated in 1977, it stands on the oldest aeronautical installation in Italy: in 1907, Major Maurizio Moris created the experimental aeronautical construction site and in 1910 the airship pilot school.

Last year, after approximately 18 months of work, the exhibition area was expanded by 30%, reaching over 16.000 square meters in total, strengthening its position among the most important aeronautical museums in the world. 

At the end of 2023, there was also a change in the management of the Historical Museum of the Italian Air Force of Vigna di Valle between Lieutenant Colonel Arturo Alfredo Caccia (outgoing) and Lieutenant Colonel Paolo De Vita (incoming). The day before the ceremony, we went to visit a place - past from "wonder" to "masterpiece" - which every fellow citizen should visit at least once in their life!

Enjoy your vision, or rather "preview" of your next visit...

Images: author / Giacomo Falanga