Visit to the oldest Military Academy on the planet

(To Andrea Cucco)

The Military Academy of Modena, direct heir of the Royal Savoy Academy (founded in Turin on 1 September 1677), represents the oldest institution dedicated to the preparation of the management of an armed force. 

For over one hundred and fifty years, the Academy has been located in the Palazzo Ducale of Modena, a place of great prestige and historical value, thanks to the commitment of Risorgimento figures such as Luigi Farini and Manfredo Fanti. The Palace is not only a (visitable) building of extraordinary beauty, but also the beating heart of the School, where centuries-old traditions blend with a constant commitment to academic and military excellence.

The roots of the Academy are intertwined with the commitment to study, today enriched by the possibility for students to obtain important academic qualifications, and with high quality military training, also recognized at an international level.

However, the Military Academy of Modena is not limited to being a simple place of teaching, it is a melting pot of values, history and traditions: students not only acquire technical, scientific and military skills, but also learn the meaning of post-sales serviceand responsibility and sacrifice. This, despite the "not always shining examples" of other fellow citizens in the country who are and will be called to defend...

The typical day is intense and complex, enriched by the theoretical and practical introduction of scientific subjects, the use of advanced IT training systems and an intense physical and sporting programme. The program ensures that each student develops not only physical strength and endurance, but also the mental discipline, decision-making agility and leadership skills needed to meet military challenges in the 21st century.

The Modena Military Academy represents a bridge between the glorious past of Italian military education and its future, continuing to embody the values ​​of excellence, dedication and service that have always characterized the lives and careers of the officers who have had the honor to train within its walls.

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Images: Online Defense