The armory of the COMSUBIN Incursori Operational Group

(To Andrea Cucco)

ll Incursion Operational Group (GOI) is one of the two branches of COMSUBIN, Submarine Command and Raiders, and constitutes the Special Forces component of the Navy.

The tasks are:

- attack on naval and merchant units in port or at anchor with the use of various contact and standoff weapon systems;

- attacks on port/coastal installations and civil and military infrastructures within the 40 km range from the coast;

- naval counter-terrorism operations for the release of hostages on passenger or merchant ships and on maritime installations;

- infiltration and stay in hostile territory for informative and / or naval fire support missions.

To deepen - authoritatively - the weapons supplied to the department, we returned to the ancient fortress of Varignano.

The head of the GOI armory welcomed us with availability, courtesy and (proverbial) patience.

Good vision!

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