Kosovo: Full Operational Capability achieved


Sunday ended for the artillerymen of the 24 regiment "Peloritani", which from the beginning of June are deployed in the Kosovar Operating Theater, at the base of "Villaggio Italia" in Peč / Pejë, the training week aimed at achieving the "Full Operational Capability "that is, the ability to operate, using equipment, means and assets to carry out the tasks required in the context of the mission in Kosovo called" Joint Enterprise ". Also known by the acronym of FOC, the "Full Operational Capability" is a prerequisite in order to standardize the operating standards among the various multinational units operating in the Operating Theater, contributing to the maintenance of freedom of movement and stability in the western sector of Kosovo.

Among the training activities carried out by the artillerymen of the 24 regiment "Peloritani" there are: the "Crowd and Riot Control" (CRC), that is an activity of crowd control that foresees, besides the training on the ground, also the employment of helicopters, aimed at reaching the various intervention areas in a short time; the "Fire Phobia", training activity always aimed at the management of tumultuous events, with the addition of the launch of arsonist artifacts against personnel in riot gear, thus simulating a real urban guerrilla scenario.

Composed of two Austrian, one Slovenian and one Italian company, the latter frames a Moldavian platoon within it, the maneuver battalion together with the Group Support Support (GSA) constitute the operational and logistics component of the Multinational Battle Group West (MNBG -W - Multinational Tactical Group - West), Italian-led unit commanded by Colonel Daniele Pisani.

According to the UN Security Council resolution 1244, the KFOR units have the task of maintaining a high level of operational readiness, intervening, if necessary, in support of the local police and the Kosovar security forces. The units of the MNBG-W also work to ensure the safety of the Visoki-Decane monastery, symbol of the Orthodox Christian religion, from the 2004 declared patrimony of UNESCO.