The head of EMS presides over the rotation of the TAAC WEST - HERAT

(To Army Majority State)

Yesterday morning the headquarters of the Train Advise and Assist Command West (TAAC-W), Italian-based Multinational Joint Force Command of the NATO Mission Resolute Support (RS), was the scene of the rotation ceremony, after six months of training, consulting and assistance carried out in favor of Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF), between the personnel of the "Friuli" aircraft brigade and the successor of the "Pozzuolo del Friuli" brigade.

On the afternoon of the 10 June day, a meeting was held in which Afghan Defense Minister Asadullah Khalid, RS general commander Austin Scott Miller, the commander of the 207 Afghan army corps, the governor of Herat Rahimi, took part. The general of the army corps Farina and the commanding officers TAAC WEST transferor and successor.

The ceremony was attended by the Army Chief of Staff, general of the army corps Salvatore Farina, his excellency the Italian ambassador in Kabul Roberto Cantone, the deputy commander of the mission Resolute Support (RS) e italian senior national representative in Afghanistan, general of the Salvatore Camporeale corps representing the commander of the mission Resolute Support, General Austin Scott Miller, the commander of the 207 Afghan army corps, the governor of Herat Rahimi, as well as the highest civilian and military Afghan authorities in the West Region.

Addressing the contingent, the head of the EMS, after reporting the greetings of the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Defense, recalled the wounded and those who sacrificed their lives for peace and security on Afghan land, and has stressed that every change was recognized by local authorities as a significant improvement in the stabilization process.

In particular, General Farina emphasized the work of the RS mission and the Italian soldiers of the aircraft brigade Friuli to which the merit of what has been done in the last semester goes. Wishing, finally, to the staff of the brigade Pozzuolo del Friuli good work for the months to come, the army chief of staff remarked that the collaboration between the various national contingents and the full synergy with the Afghan Security and Defense Forces represents the key to success for the stabilization and progress of the area to prove that more can be done together.