Change in the logistics component of the Italian contingent of the mission in Lebanon

(To Army Majority State)

The ceremony of transfer of responsibility between the logistic regiment "Garibaldi" of Persano (SA) and the logistic regiment was held in the base "Millevoi" of Shama, in the presence of the commander of the Sector West of the UNIFIL mission, Brigadier General Bruno Pisciotta. "Aosta" of Palermo, which took over the leadership of Combat Service Support Battalion (CSS BN) of the Italian Contingent in Lebanon.

Colonel Stefano Capriglione was replaced by Colonel Vincenzo Papalini who will have the task, under the command of the CSS BN, of logistically supporting the Italian contingent operating in the West Sector of South Lebanon.

General Pisciotta, giving credit for the results achieved by Colonel Capriglione and his soldiers, underlined the importance of logistics in military operations, and how the role of the Combat Service Support Battalion is "Fundamental for fulfilling the task of a complex mission like the one in Lebanon".

"Behind every peacekeepers patrolling towns, as well as on the roughest mountain trails", added the general, "There are women and men who maintain weapons systems, supply and repair vehicles, which allow them to have a meal even late, allowing them to maintain constant and long-lasting efficiency levels".

During the six-month mandate, the soldiers of the "Garibaldi" logistic regiment carried out logistic-operational, maintenance and health activities. About 1.200 were the logistic movements carried out in the area of ​​responsibility and 120 those from the South of Lebanon, where the Italian Contingent is stationed, towards Beirut, for a total of over 160.000 kilometers traveled. Moreover, still in numerical terms, about 256 tons of foodstuffs were supplied and over 270.000 the liters of water supplied for food use and over 1.350.000 those treated for domestic use.

The medical organization, employed by the CSS BN, has guaranteed with its medical teams the health support to the operations, the psychological support, the veterinary support, the water sampling, as well as hundreds of medical visits carried out in the municipalities of the area of ​​responsibility in favor of the local population, in addition to those carried out at the infirmary of the Italian base of Shama.