Airbus Helicopters has been awarded the extension of the support contract for ARH Tiger in Australia

(To Airbus)

Airbus has obtained from the Australian Department of Defense a five-year extension of the TLS (through-life support) contract to support the Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH) Tiger, supplied to the Australian army.

The TLS extension, which covers the ARH program up to 2025, includes:

- Extended maintenance of aircraft and their components;

- Operational maintenance of helicopters for training purposes;

- Training of crew and technical personnel, including maintenance of training devices;

- Design services, including the incorporation of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) equipment

- Development and testing of systems and software;

- Full support of parts, including maintenance (MRO - Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul), purchase, storage and distribution;

- Technical publications, fleet maintenance and management policies.

The ARH Tiger two-seater helicopter is a key asset for the Australian army. Currently, the 22 ARH Tiger fleet has made more than 30.000 flight hours in day and night surveillance and combat support missions. Globally, 181 Tigers have been delivered to Australia, France, Germany and Spain, totaling over 115.000 flight hours to date. First deployed in the 2009 in Afghanistan by the French army, the Tiger continues to demonstrate its essential role in theaters of military operations, as a highly versatile, stealthy and maneuverable attack helicopter.