Young Italians at the front

(To Francesco Sisto)

I would like to share with you readers again (as already in a previous article) the letter from a young Italian soldier written to his family during his time at the front in the Great War.

The young soldier writes:

"I had left full of ardor and happy to be of service to my country, but alas, what a disappointment my dear.

Here I discover that those above us too often do not know what military life and fighting are for the homeland. We are dealing with not very serious superiors, convinced that they are still in their little rooms comfortable at home, to give orders to their butlers.

I dare say father, that in your eyes, knowing each other you would have certainly defined them as the best of the world stupidity and ignorance.

I am no longer surprised to hear them give absurd orders that we must obey, without option to contest or refuse. This offends me as a soldier."

The content of the letter says a lot about the situation in which our soldiers found themselves at the front… I stress that the young man does not complain, but makes more than honorable considerations!

In the end, those boys, with immense efforts and sacrifices, managed to win the war (it is good to remember that the death toll was very high for our nation ... about 600.000 men).

In my opinion we must their very!

Bibliographic source: Loris Lancedelli-Simona Cinus, Grandparents talk about life in the trenches. Stories unpublished, of the Great War in the Ampezzo Dolomites, 1st volume, 2019, p.120

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