Letter from the front

(To Francesco Sisto)

I share with the readers of Difesa Online the letter from an Italian soldier written to his sister during his time at the front in the First World War, and for this I thank the Museum of the Great War "Tre Sassi" (Cortina d'Ampezzo).

It is my intention with this writing to honor and remember with you readers the sacrifice and self-sacrifice of our soldiers in the Great War.

The soldier writes:

Dear sister, you asked me how Lisetta took it when she learned of my departure for war.

The last time we saw each other before we left, he stroked my head crying all shaved and she asked me moved: "Where did you put your beautiful tuft?".

Then he gave me his handkerchief scented with Parma violets and jasmine, swearing that I would she would be faithful.

Then I reminded her that the time I was gone for six days, she had me betrayed with a lieutenant from Rome.

I asked her how she was going to last six months if she hadn't done it for six days.

Her answer was: "Then you weren't a hero" and tears fell in her eyes "now that you go to die for the country, I will be faithful to you until death".

At that sentence I touched wood and smiling at her I asked “Mine or yours?”.

She looked at me exclaiming shocked: "Don't talk nonsense, dear!... Every time you take my handkerchief and smell my perfume, you will remember mine love for you".

I trust you, so that you don't tell mom and dad about this letter...

You know they don't like Lisetta so much.

I hug you dear sister.

Bibliographic source: Loris Lancedelli- Simona Cinus, Grandparents talk about life in the trenches. Unpublished stories of the Great War in the Ampezzo Dolomites, 1st volume, 2019, p. 48

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