First order for 502 Phoenix satellite


Boeing has received its first commercial order for 502 Phoenix from HySpecIQ in Washington, DC. The satellites should lead the high-resolution commercial hyperspectral remote sensing industry at levels far superior to those currently available.

The US company will supply the system, initially consisting of two satellites, for 2018, including command and control operations, image processing and storage of collected data. The contract includes options for long-term operations and maintenance.

Hyperspectral remote sensing is a technology that uses spectral color bands to identify objects and materials in an image. Over 200 colors of the visible and shortwave spectrum are collected to uncover diagnostic patterns that are not recognizable to the naked eye. The technology is expected to deliver valuable data and products to key markets, such as the oil, gas, mining, agriculture and environmental monitoring industries, as well as to government agencies in the United States and partner countries.

Source: Boeing