Defence: agreement signed with the USA for the assignment of an Italian liaison officer to the United States Space Command

(To Greater Defense)

On April 19, a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) for the assignment of an Italian liaison officer at theUnited States Space Command (USSPACECOM).

The air brigadier general Davide Cipelletti, head general office space of the Defense Staff (SMD), and General James Dickinson, commander of USSPACECOM signed the side agreement of the 38th Space Symposium, which is taking place these days (from 17 to 20 April) in Colorado Springs (USA) and which is attended by a delegation of the SMD led by the same head general office space.

The activation of the position in question represents an essential catalyst for cooperation with the American partner, above all with a view to improving the coordination of activities in the space domain, as well as a precious opportunity to develop synergies with other countries already present at USSPACECOM with a own Liaison Officer.

A long and fruitful history of collaboration links the Italian and American defenses in the space sector. They are active gods Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for access to the GPS (Global Positioning System) encrypted service, for the exchange of satellite communication resources (SATCOM), and for the exchange of data and information of Space Situational Awareness (SSA), indispensable for carrying out orbital maneuvers in safety, avoiding the risk of collisions with other operational satellites and space debris.

THEgeneral office space of the SMD centralizes the functions connected with the elaboration of the doctrine, the launch of new programs, the development of national and international partnerships and the evolution of space capabilities.

Photo: US Space Command