National Space Day - Contributed by the Space General Office of the SMD

(To Greater Defense)

​​​​On December 16th, the second edition of the National Space Day, inspired by the launch, which took place in December 1964, of the first Italian satellite thanks to the San Marco project led by the general of the aeronautical engineering corps Luigi Broglio.

For the occasion thegeneral office space of the Defense General Staff took part in two events organized respectively by Leonardo Foundation - Civilization of Machines with the support of the La Sapienza University of Rome and the Bocconi University of Milan and the Istituto Affari Internazionali with the Polytechnic University of Turin and in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency.

"An Italian law for space" is the title of the initiative promoted by the president of the Leonardo Foundation, Luciano Violante, which was held on the morning of 16 December in the hall of the building of the parliamentary groups of Montecitorio. Many civil and military personnel gathered for the occasion, including the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Lorenzo Fontana, the defense minister, Guido Crosetto, the business and made in Italy minister, Sen. Adolfo Urso, Senator Stefania Craxi, president of the foreign affairs and defense commission, the chief of defense staff, admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone and the chief of staff of the Air Force, general of the air team Luca Goretti.

In his speech, the boss general office space of the Defense Staff, Gen. ba Davide Cipelletti underlined that “space is a complex environment and increasingly subject to strategic competition: we need clear rules and a shared regulatory framework. In this sense, even space law, to which the Defense can contribute with its experience, will have to help create an adequate security framework, through a coherent and up-to-date legal architecture". In his conclusions General Cipelletti explained that “the task of those who, like us, find themselves living in this period of transformation is to guide the transition, finding ways to make 'Space' and the 'New Space' coexist, exploiting the opportunities offered by emerging technologies and guiding a regulatory process that knows how to adapt to the times and capabilities of new space activities".

In the afternoon the boss general office space he then participated remotely in the event “Luna e Italia. Turin and the future of space exploration" organized by Istituto Affari Internazionali, illustrating to the audience the present and future activities of the Defense in the field of space and deepening the perspectives of space exploration with the Air Force astronaut, Luca Parmitano .

L'general office space, born in 2019, centralizes the functions connected with the evolution of the doctrine, the launch of new programs, the development of national and international partnerships and the evolution of the capabilities of space capabilities.