Man in a ravine with a paraglider recovered from a helicopter of the Air Force rescue

(To air Force)

An HH-139 helicopter of the 15 ° Stormo of the Italian Air Force intervened at dawn at today's locality in Valle Agricola, in the province of Caserta, to rescue a wounded man after he crashed his paraglider into an inaccessible area and not accessible by other means by land.

The recovery of the man took place thanks to the use of the winch, with which an aero-rescuer of the Air Force was deployed, who took care of bringing the wounded to safety with a special transportable avio stretcher.

The request to intervene at the Poggio Renatico Air Operations Command, the Italian Air Force body which is in charge of coordinating and managing also this kind of interventions throughout the national territory, had arrived in the early hours of the morning by the National Alpine Rescue Corps and Speleological (CNSAS) of the Campania Region, engaged with its own team in research activities on land. Once the man was identified, and ascertained the impossibility of access by land rescue vehicles, the request for rescue from the sky started, with the activation of one of the assets of the Air Force in readiness for SAR activities - Search and Rescue - in this case a helicopter of the 85 ° Research and Rescue Center of Pratica di Mare.

After the complex recovery from the area of ​​the accident, the wounded man was immediately transported to the sports field of Valle Agricola, where an 118 ambulance was waiting for him to be transported to the nearest Hospital in Caserta.