Romania: one month of activity for Italian Eurofighters

(To air Force)

First intense month of activity for the Eurofighter fighters of the Air Force deployed in Romania as part of the NATO mission of Air Policing.

The main mission of redeployment, which takes the name of Task Force 4th Wing, is to contribute to the defense of Romania's airspace, helping to monitor the Black Sea area in particular.

The Italian Eurofighters operate in a context of Enhanced Air Policing, assisting the air defense service that Romania currently guarantees with its air force (Fortaele Aeriene Romane) through the use of Mig-21 aircraft.

In this first month of mission, the Italian Eurofighters also participated in the international Thracian Star exercise in Bulgaria, carrying out cooperation missions with Bulgarian Mig-29, Greek F16, F16 and Romanian MIG 21 in order to optimize and standardize operating procedures between the different countries of the Atlantic Alliance.

As part of the mission in Romania, training activities were carried out almost every day, along with the Romanian Mig-21 Lancer, L39 and F-16 and the American F-16 assets of the 457th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, as well as with the ground forces of the US component. In particular, in recent days, as testimony to the different capacities that the Eurofighter aircraft is able to express, the pilots carried out exercise missions of close support to the ground troops (CAS - Close Air Support) with the US Army soldiers who they trained for JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) activities.

The activity enabled the synergy between the various structures to be implemented revealing itself useful for testing the technical tactical and operational procedures. Among the opportunities for comparison and training between the Italian staff deployed and staff of the Romanian air force is also the activity of indoctrination in favor of Romanian technical personnel to operate on Eurofighter aircraft in the event of an emergency landing on an alternate airport, the exercises joint intervention with fire-fighting vehicles, as well as the moments of operational confrontation at the Air Operation Center of Balotesti, in southern Romania, which is responsible for tactical control of the assets in flight.

The over 150 flight hours made in the first month of the mission once again confirmed the operational flexibility and the effective multi-role capability of the Eurofighter, able to successfully complete a wide range of missions.