Open Skies: the Russian delegation flies to Italy

(To air Force)

Under the Open Skies / Open Skies Treaty, in the 15-19 July period, the Russian Federation carried out an aerial observation flight with Antonov-30B aircraft on Italian territory. The operational activity was conducted from Ciampino airport and covered a large area of ​​the peninsula. A team of national experts from different branches of Defense, operating under the coordination of the Armaments Control and Verification and Counter-proliferation Office of the III Department of the Defense Staff, assisted Russian personnel throughout their stay on the Italian territory, guaranteeing the fulfillment of national obligations and constantly monitoring the correct observance of the procedures provided for by the Treaty.

The activity was carried out according to the established times and methods, in a spirit of active collaboration with foreign guests and allowed us to confirm the validity of the by now consolidated organization responsible for the management of this kind of events.

At the same time as carrying out the activity in question, again in the framework of the Open Skies / Open Skies Treaty, a team of Italian and British inspectors traveled to the Russian Federation to conduct similar aerial observation activities on the western portion of the country. This activity also ended successfully, helping to promote transparency and mutual trust among the countries involved, in full harmony with the spirit of the Treaty.

The Open Skies / Open Skies Treaty, signed in Helsinki in the 1992, together with the Conventional Forces Europe Treaty (CFE) and the Vienna Document constitute one of the pillars of conventional arms control and allows the mutual performance of aereasess observation missions in territories of the States party members.