Niger: 767 Italian soldiers returned with an Air Force KC-65A

(To air Force)

The KC-5A of the 767th wing of the Italian Air Force landed on the night of Saturday 14 August at the Pratica di Mare military airport with 65 soldiers of the Italian contingent and 10 soldiers of the US army on board.

The military flight, which took off from Niamey (Niger) at about 19:30 local time, landed in Italy at 23:50 after about 5 hours of flight.

The evacuated Italian personnel belong to the military contingent currently employed in the "MISIN" training mission underway in the African country.

With this flight, the Defense intended to further increase the logistical autonomy of the Italian base in Niger, also optimizing its accommodation capacities, if it becomes necessary to welcome civilian compatriots and, in an emergency, evacuate them.

The boarding and take-off operations of the personnel took place regularly and without any problems.

To date, around 250 Italian soldiers remain in Niamey. Further flights are planned for next week.