AM Museum, Vigna di Valle: restoration of the historic "Reggiane 2002" completed

(To air Force)

At the end of a new phase of restoration conducted by the specialists of the Maintenance and Restoration Section of the Museum, the Reggiane 2002 was finally exposed to the public at the Badoni hangar of the Historical Museum of the Air Force in Vigna di Valle.

The WWII Reggiane RE.2 fighter-bomber arrived in Vigna di Valle on 2002 October 12 on the occasion of the 2017th anniversary of the Museum, during which it was briefly put on display before being transferred to the maintenance workshop. . During the restoration period, the "rewinding" of the ailerons was refined and the reconstruction of the left compensation flap, of the bomb holder and of the exit holes of the wing and fuselage weapons, of the radio antenna, of the external lights, was carried out. of the pitot tube, of the free viewfinder, of the engine exhausts, of all the closing latches of the fairings and the opening of the ventilation slots on the engine hood. The work was completed thanks also to the collaboration of the restorer Marco Gueli.

The aircraft, which is added to the precious collection of the approximately 80 aircraft exhibited in the Museum, in addition to engines and aeronautical memorabilia of various kinds, represents a piece of the history of military flight in Italy and of the men who were protagonists, helping to give substance to that extraordinary patrimony of ideals and values ​​that the Air Force has been making available to the country for almost a century, approaching its centenary.

The Military Air Force Historical Museum, located on the shores of Lake Bracciano between the towns of Bracciano and Anguillara Sabazia and inaugurated in 1977, has the task of collecting, restoring, conserving, exhibiting and enhancing aeronautical material of historical and documentary interest. coming from discoveries or private donations. Through multiple internal and external activities, it is also a driving force of history and aeronautical culture from a scientific, educational and popular point of view. The average annual turnout is around 50.000 visitors. Its position in an uncontaminated natural environment and the charm of its structures make it an ideal location for organizing events and film shoots.

The Museum can be visited every day, with the exception of weekdays, January 1st, Easter and December 25th. Admission is free and open all day from 10:00 to 16:00. On Saturdays and holidays it is essential to book by phone (at least 24 hours in advance) the visit to the number 0699887509, in order to limit the entrances. In compliance with the regulations on the containment of COVID-19, no more than 25 people can stay inside each hangar. To protect visitors, if necessary, the influx could be regulated by the staff on duty. Due to work still in progress, access to the museum will be allowed to visitors only through the military entrance, according to a procedure that can be consulted on the Museum website.