Air Show: the first seasonal performance of the Frecce Tricolori in Caorle

(To air Force)

La National Acrobatic Patrol, at its first event of the 2024 season, gives emotions to the large audience present at theAir Show City of Caorle (VE) which, 16 years after the last edition, returned on Sunday 5 May to animate the coast of the Venetian city. In fact, numerous spectators were able to witness the display of numerous civil and military aircraft that animated the event promoted by the Municipality of Caorle with the organization of the Pordenone Aeroclub and the support of the “Volo al Mare” Aeroclub of Caorle.

The air demonstration began with the HH-139B helicopter of the 15th wing of Cervia which flew over the area, displaying the Italian flag while the Italian anthem was sung. During the event, the same crew performed a demonstration of search and rescue activities at sea which aroused the admiration of over 100.000 present.

The program continued with the display of aircraft by enthusiasts who recalled the history of military aviation, such as the Caproni CA 3 and the Spad XII from the “Jonathan collection” foundation of Nervesa della Battaglia, the three restored Fiat G.46s, employed until the 60s in flight schools and the North American t-6 Texan.

Among the military aircraft are the “Angusta” A129 (Mangusta) helicopters and the NH90 of the 7th “Vega” regiment of Rimini of the Italian Army and the Saab JAS 39 fighter Gripen of the Hungarian Air Force, redeployed for the occasion at the 51st fighter wing in Istrana. For the police forces, the A139 of the Guardia di Finanza and the P68 Observer of the State Police gave a "sample" of their "performances". There were also numerous demonstrations of aerobatic planes belonging to various national and foreign flying clubs, including the "Sukhoi SU -31M", the "Extra" plane piloted by the Frenchwoman Melanie Astles, the only woman who participates in the Red Bull competitions, the 4 " Extreme” by the aerobatic team from the Czech Republic “Flying Bulls” and Chapter 10 by Paolo Pocobelli. 

The culmination of the event when the sky of Caorle was the scene of the emotions aroused by the PAN MB 339s. The Frecce Tricolori program enchanted the audience with its exciting acrobatic figures for around 25 minutes, painting the sky and, by extension, the body of water below in the colors of the Italian flag.

Numerous civil and military authorities present at theAir Show including the Air Brigade General Glauco Luigi Mora, representing the leaders of the Armed Forces, the mayor of Caorle Marco Sarto and the MEP Rosanna Conte.